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I like the organization, and the room in general. but I think white for an arts & crafts room is a TERRIBLE idea. unless this is before you started arting and crafting the room!

excellent way to have a craft area in a small space.... Stack 3-4 cubes vertically??? Tuck sewing table up against window... more space in center of room?

excellent way to have a craft area in a small space. Tuck sewing table up against window. more space in center of room?

Repurposed Armoire For Scrapbooking Storage - 22 Clever And Inspirational DIY Ideas. Now this is a craft closet I would love to have some day!

8 ways to repurpose an armoire.

Awesome idea for an old tv armoire that can be turned into Craft Central! And, it can all closed up when not in use.priceless idea : ) Now I just need an old TV armoire

DIY craft island

I bet my grandpa could build me one. This will be in my guest room as of the time I get home I think awesome craft table!

This is a cute idea. Take a bunch of tins. Hot glue them down on a round board and decorate them. I like that.

Home Storage & Organization: DIY Tin-Can Desk Caddy - this is the pretties Desk Caddy I think I have ever seen! Uses Tin Cans you might other wise throw away along with some paint, gift wrapping paper, Lace, etc. From Shabby Chic Inspired

Un cintre pour stocker le masking tape

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Ribbon hanger A handy DIY storage idea for ribbon and tape art supplies brings practicality to the at-home design studio.