Ombre curtains. Stylist: Charlotte Lovey

Love the idea of painting only the top part of a chair. Ombre curtains and pastel chairs - Heart Handmade UK: Pastel Pink and Aqua/Mint Colour Inspiration


subtilitas: FT Architects’s steel chair, laser cut and folded from a single rectangular template,

TheApartment 13

i see a great floor plan here. behind the kitchen wall could be the bathroom. to the right of the green cart could be the bedroom nook, and in the foreground to the right of the dining table could be living space. Méchant Design: The Apartment

Modern Rattan Chair

mid century modern Arthur Umanoff style wicker basket chair As kids, we avoided this chair. Without pads this chair was.

Baby Blue Chair by Paul Venaille.

I like the blue on the underside of the seat, not on top as it traditionally might be done. Baby Blue chair by Paul Venaille


Wooden table and black metal chair look for my next flat from Merci Paris

A Lounge Chair Inspired by a Cocktail

A Lounge Chair Inspired by a Cocktail

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OAK DESK: Double Piece, Old Oak Writing Desk via Etsy

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eames designer

Latest find - early Eames RAR in parchment. Not rope edge shell, but large shock mounts. That makes three Eames rockers in my mod house…should I keep or sell?

Nora P::..

Nora P::..