The Cool Hunter - House

Ron Arad has designed a bath shower that hangs off your bathroom wall. Spin it one way, and you can use it as a bath. Spin it the other way round and it become a shower canopy.


The Outdoor Gym

Anamaya Resort Costa Rica is a health and wellness hotel in Montezuma Costa Rica offering daily yoga classes and retreats.

Skatftafeli, Iceland.

{This is an ice cave, known as "crystal Cave" on the frozen lagoon of the Svínafellsjökull glacier in Skaftafell, Iceland. This snow, which is up to 1000 years old has metamorphosed into highly pressurized glacier ice that contains almost no air bubbles.

Informal family celebration

Vocabulary #2: Family Picnic

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Music outdoors

I wonder why so many engagement photos consist of vintage props and style.maybe because life back then consisted of men being romantic for no reason and women being classy and appreciative. Doubtful couples still act like that in day to day life.

Lighting to contrast canvas tents

Ryan's Garden Loves: Beer Bottle Tea Lights Seal the bottom add a wick home made tiki torch!

girls party

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