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there is a pastry on the plate with flowers and herbs around it, ready to be eaten
Good Gracious! Events Catering on Instagram: "Truly a chef's diamond in the rough! The scramble
Salmon En Croute for an outdoor rooftop brunch!
small appetizers are arranged on a glass platter with toothpicks wrapped in leaves
Appetizer Eggplant Rolls
Prepping appetizer of eggplant rolls with Stilton cream, Enoki mushrooms and watercress. #plantbasedrecipes #eggplantrolls #kitchenprep #horsdoeuvres
cookies and strawberries in glass vases on white table top with other food items
Strawberry Cookies for summer
🍓 Sweet nothings 🍓 You won't be able to keep your hands out of the cookie jar.
a man standing in front of an oven with pizzas cooking on top of it
On-site Wood-fired pizza station
On-site Wood-fired pizza station for a desert wedding.
several pieces of bread topped with guacamole and garnish on top
Avocado Toasts for a Brunch Event
An all-time California favorite! Our avocado toasts with espelette peppers as part our farmer's market brunch station.
three tiered trays with waffle sandwiches and strawberries on them, ready to be served
Afternoon Tea Party Nutella Wafers
There's nothing like an afternoon tea to carry you through the day and our divine Nutella chocolate wafers are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite brew.
a tiered tray with sandwiches on it is being held by a man in a white shirt
Tea Party Baby Shower
Smoked Salmon and kale dusted finger sandwiches for a Bridgerton themed baby shower
tomatoes are on display in a basket for sale
Unique Seating Chart Idea
Unique seating chart idea for an Amalfi-coast inspired wedding. How creative, fresh and inviting for guests to find their names among dried pasta, and in-season produce?
a pizza covered in lots of toppings on top of a white plate with blue and yellow flowers
Ahi Poke Toasts
Our Ahi Poke toasts with mashed avocado are topped with wasabi crema and edible flowers. They make for are incredible cocktail hour hors d'oeuvres and guests are typically delighted with these beautiful, light bites, packed with flavor! The trifecta. ✨
there are many vases with flowers in them on the table together, and one is holding grapes
Eclectic Summer Table Setting
Eclectic summer table setting for a Palm Springs wedding reception.
small desserts are arranged on a glass table with flowers and greenery in the background
Vegan Krabby Cakes
We served guests of California Science CenterDiscovery Ball hors d'oeuvres in the Pavilion before they entered "Cambodia." On the list of light bites were our vegan Krabby Cakes served on a glass tray, made of charred artichokes, celery, carrots, za’atar, shallots and rice, and topped with slaw.
there are many cupcakes with white frosting and purple flowers on the top
Brown Sugar Cupcakes for Springtime events
Pictured are our brown sugar cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and edible flowers.
three glasses filled with dessert sitting on top of a white plate next to toasted bread
Grilled Cheese with lavender and gazpacho
Pictured is our blonde gazpacho with grilled cheese sandwiches garnished with lavender. A summery and savory delight just waiting for your guests to enjoy!
some asparagus and other vegetables on a white surface with the word love spelled out
Perfectly Plated with Love
Your daily reminder to lead with LOVE and EAT ✨ MORE ✨ ART ✨
several pies with yellow flowers on them
Spring Lemon Tarts
These fabulous lemon tarts by our pastry chef, Rosina. How are you celebrating the sunny weather and warmer temps?