Darling Desserts

We would never forget the desserts! We've compiled some of our favorite dessert displays and they all look too good to eat... Well, almost.
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many small pieces of food are arranged on sticks with ribbons and candles in the background
Halloween Party Inspiration: Ideas for Event Decor, Catering, Activities, and Entertainment
For a Halloween event, catering firm Good Gracious Events created witches brooms made from cheese and pretzels.
there are many apples on the table with toothpicks sticking out of each one
Halloween Party Inspiration: Ideas for Event Decor, Catering, Activities, and Entertainment
A Halloween-theme party at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles featured a build-your-own candy apple apple bar. Chad Hudson Events produced the event, which also included illuminated jack-o’-lanterns and spiderweb gobos.
several people are serving desserts on plates in a tent
Catering Chefs preparing dessert catering for a gala
Join us in the plating of 1300 California Citrus Scented Olive Oil Cakes, with Mascarpone cream, fresh citrus, hibiscus flower all accompanied by a dark truffle.
a woman reaching up to reach for some cookies on a string hanging from the ceiling
Maple Cookie Dessert Station
One of our all-time favorite fall dessert installations. :maple_leaf: We built a gazebo structure and adorned it with hanging maple-glazed sugar cookies to mimic foliage. After dinner, we invited guests to cut down their own sugar cookie for dessert. If we can dream it, we can do it!
there are many small pastries on the plate
Rose Apple Tartelettes
Rose, apple, cinnamon tartelettes for fall.
cookies and strawberries in glass vases on white table top with other food items
Strawberry Cookies for summer
🍓 Sweet nothings 🍓 You won't be able to keep your hands out of the cookie jar.
a table with desserts on it that says sweet
Creative Sweets Station for a Wedding
We created this Sweets station to house all the desserts for guests of a Palm Springs wedding
an assortment of cupcakes and desserts on a table
Creative Wedding Dessert Station
Creative Wedding Dessert Station acted as decor for a Palm Springs Bride and Groom
three tiered trays with waffle sandwiches and strawberries on them, ready to be served
Afternoon Tea Party Nutella Wafers
There's nothing like an afternoon tea to carry you through the day and our divine Nutella chocolate wafers are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite brew.
some cupcakes with white frosting and red sprinkles on them
4th of July Cupcakes
Red, white and blue 4th of July cupcakes
there are many cupcakes with white frosting and purple flowers on the top
Brown Sugar Cupcakes for Springtime events
Pictured are our brown sugar cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and edible flowers.
a table topped with lots of desserts and pastries
Dessert Station Pink and White with a Donut Wall
Our couple Laura and Ronnie stayed true to their vision of a floating-style reception by opting for a sampling of food stations, including “The Cabo Hurricane” and “Football Game Day,” among others, named for happenings on their path to the altar. Later, in a stunning glass atrium, dessert lovers found an array sweet treats, from cookies, tarts, macarons to our custom doughnut wall! ​
a white plate topped with food on top of a table
Heart-Shaped Walnut Shortbread
We LOVE an opportunity to create a subtle nod to the theme. This heart-shaped shortbread with candied walnuts by our pastry chef Rosina pairs well with a cup of tea or an espresso. ☕
a plate with some food on it next to a menu and pen holder for pens
Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods
We love these chocolate-dipped pretzel rods for a delicious sweet and salty snack-time. They are also perfect to send home with guests so they have something to enjoy on the way home.