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Crowd-pleasing vegetarian and vegan recipes, creative catering ideas with all the flavor, just sans meat.
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several white plates topped with different types of desserts and toppings on top of them
Good Gracious! Events Catering on Instagram: "It took 19,200 slices of golden beets to serve gu
Golden Beet salads #Regram via
some food is sitting on top of pink flowers
Pink Appetizers
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the color pink is worn to honor survivors and those lost to the disease, as well as support the progress we are making together to defeat it. :two_hearts:
small appetizers are arranged on a glass platter with toothpicks wrapped in leaves
Appetizer Eggplant Rolls
Prepping appetizer of eggplant rolls with Stilton cream, Enoki mushrooms and watercress. #plantbasedrecipes #eggplantrolls #kitchenprep #horsdoeuvres
several pieces of bread topped with guacamole and garnish on top
Avocado Toasts for a Brunch Event
An all-time California favorite! Our avocado toasts with espelette peppers as part our farmer's market brunch station.
small desserts are arranged on a glass table with flowers and greenery in the background
Vegan Krabby Cakes
We served guests of California Science CenterDiscovery Ball hors d'oeuvres in the Pavilion before they entered "Cambodia." On the list of light bites were our vegan Krabby Cakes served on a glass tray, made of charred artichokes, celery, carrots, za’atar, shallots and rice, and topped with slaw.
several skewers with fruit on them sitting on a white tablecloth covered tray
Blackberry Caprese Skewers
For a romantic, rustic wedding with Bella Vita Events, we served these blackberry caprese skewers during cocktail hour.
three plates with food on them sitting on a white table top next to each other
Three Cambodian Inspired main dishes
Three Cambodian-inspired main dishes: Beef Tenderloin Vegetable Bouquet, Crispy Whole Sea Bream, or Cambodian Herb Curry.
small appetizers with cheese and tomatoes on them
Artichoke Heart Bites
It's a fabulous time of year to indulge in artichokes. We love preparing these small bites for cocktail hour: artichoke hearts with sun-dried tomato pesto with a parmesan garnish. You cannot help but take two!
asparagus and other vegetables are arranged on a white platter with yellow flowers
Earth Day - Our commitment to sustainability
We do our best as a company to reduce, reuse and recycle and are committed to buying in-season and locally-sourced whenever possible. When we have extras, we donate food to local LA missions and make sure to recycle our oil and plastics. We believe it is the small things that make a big difference. We are all in this together! 🌍
a glass filled with purple liquid sitting on top of a table next to a bowl of fruit
Butterfly Pea Flower Cocktail
Butterfly Pea Flower is a vibrant blue flowering plant native to Asia. It is often used as a natural dye for foods, drinks, and textiles. When the acidity changes, pea flower changes in color, which makes it perfect for specialty cocktails. Here is our Tequila infused pea flower cocktail, perfect for a refreshing sip this summer!
a wooden table topped with lots of plates and bowls filled with different types of food
Chef Jojo's Memories in Mexico - Chinampa - Good Gracious
Produce foods such as lettuce, cilantro, spinach, chard, squash, parsley, coriander, cauliflower, celery, mint, chives, rosemary, corn, and radishes are in abundance on these agricultural plots and are harvested for restaurants all over Mexico City. We drank wine and feasted on fresh salads featuring produce harvested here for lunch.
there are many desserts on the table with drinks in glasses next to each other
Liquid Candy Shots
"liquid candy" shots, topped with candied swizzle sticks. In other words, we take in-season fruits and blend them to make refreshing smoothies!
some asparagus and other vegetables on a white surface with the word love spelled out
Perfectly Plated with Love
Your daily reminder to lead with LOVE and EAT ✨ MORE ✨ ART ✨
a table topped with lots of trays filled with different types of food and condiments
Grazing Bruschetta Station
We are known for our fabulous ​hors d'oeuvres and creative grazing stations. Especially in the spring and summer when the temperature is hotter, we all tend to eat a bit lighter. These are nice ways to get creative, provide our guests with endless customizable options, and create a show-stopping conversation piece. Swipe to see a closeup of this spring vegetable and bruschetta toast station.
a white plate topped with food on top of a green leafy vegetable covered dish
Vegetable Tart
Spring things! 🌱 Our roasted vegetable tartlet with microgreens is a fabulous way to start the day.