patrick nadeau modern plants.

patrick nadeau.

patrick nadeau modern plants It could used as a screen to separate different parts of the retail design concept.

Karpenter - Roadie Sideboard

Recycled Teak Wood Furniture by Karpenter - Roadie

Recycled Robust Storage - The Roadie Collection by Karpenter is the company’s latest line of interior design/storage unit decor. The pieces are crafted out of recycled.

Plastic palette, Polycarbonate panels by Mozilla Factory Open Source Furniture and NOSIGNER

We designed Mozilla Japan’s new office ground floor, Mozilla Factory Space, based on the idea of Open Source. Mozilla Japan is part of the Mozilla Foundation.


BANQUETE by Micomoler Banquete is a tea-bench. It can be a seat itself, but it can also be used as a low tea-table for up to four people, providing each one of them with a cushion to seat on the floor.