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Waffen-SS im Einsatz an der Front

Waffen-SS im Einsatz an der Front

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Hitler_youth_Belgium German youth in uniform surrender to Allied troops in Snamont, Belgium. New Years, They knew nothing but Naziism and no doubt felt it could never end.

Wehrmacht boys surrender.

April “German boy soldiers captured by the Division”. When the Armoured Division advanced into the area of Kronach, they found all of the boys of 15 and 16 hd been ordered to don uniforms and get on the road to Bavaria.

Lors de la guerre de continuation aux côté de l'Allemagne pour récupérer les territoires perdus, l'armée finlandaise reçoit du matériel alle...

German soldiers armed with panzerfausts, the first man carrying a captured walking past a destroyed soviet tank. From wikipedia: Panzerfaust armed Finnish soldiers (soldier in foreground is.

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Soldiers of the Wehrmacht / PPSh-41

Two Wehrmacht NCOs in Russia, summer The one closer to the camera appears to have "borrowed" a Soviet sub-machine gun. Both men carry brand new field glasses.Note the leather map carrier carried by the man facing the camera.

JFK posterior head wound. This Day in History: Nov 22, 1963: John F. Kennedy assassinated

*JFK AUTOPSY ~ Drawing depicting the posterior head wound of President Kennedy, made from an autopsy photograph. The small nearly circular posterior scalp wound is at the end of the hair part, near the end of the ruler + immediately to the rt.