TUTO - t-shirt facile à faire sans couture. WobiSobi: No Sew, Tee Shirt- Tied Halter, DIY

Hey Elizabeth Here is a t-shirt idea for your for Relay shirt --- Wobisobi: No Sew, Tee Shirt- Tied Halter, DIY

When traveling, pack your earrings in a pill case to keep them from getting lost.

I love this idea! Pill Box As A Earring Organizer Another great traveling tip for your jewelry! Place rings and earrings in one of those daily pill boxes to keep them separate!

Upside down upcycled jeans/denim dress

Denim Jeans (Now THAT'S crafty!) Upside down up-cycled jeans/denim dress by OrangeUpcycling on Etsy,