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a woman with white skin and black flowers on her body is standing in front of a large vase
Fausto Salvi Ceramic –
Fausto Salvi Ceramic sculpture …
an abstract painting with many colors and shapes
Création de l'artiste JulienG
a poster with the name saison culturelle on it's front and back cover
an image of a purple background with cartoon characters on the bottom and bottom half of it
an advertisement for the festival with people dancing in front of stars and leaves on a purple background
the poster for an art festival with two women and one man in front of them
Authentiks festival 2023
Création JulienG
a woman with long black hair holding a guitar in the water and stars above her
JulienG | Graphiste illustrateur - Fresque murale - Nantes - Vendée
Création JulienG
a woman with pink hair and yellow glasses on her face is in front of an abstract background
Festival eurofonik nantes 2023
Création JulienG
three brightly colored boxes sitting on the ground next to some steps with graffiti written on them
1er semestre Loire-Authion
a poster with an image of a woman holding a guitar
Illustration 1er semestre Saison culturelle Loire-Authion
a woman is sitting in front of flowers and holding a harp with her hands on the ground
Fresque murale
a large mural on the side of a building in an urban area with parked cars
Fresque murale
a large mural on the side of a building with a woman sitting in a chair
JulienG fresque murale la Roche sur Yon
an open book with colorful flowers on the cover and inside pages showing information about plants
Le Nouveau Pavillon livret saison 2022/2023
a bus stop with a poster on the side of it that says nourish palmow
LNP saison 2022/2023