Beton ciré blanc

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the living room is clean and ready for us to use in its new owner's home
binnenkijken bij charisathome #interieurinspiratie #homedeconl
a living room filled with furniture and a white couch next to a wooden beamed ceiling
an empty room with a couch and stairs
Die Magie von fugenlos....
an empty hallway with wooden doors leading to another room and a plant in the corner
an orange suitcase sitting in the middle of a room
there is a white staircase leading up to the second floor with no people on it
Casa Cascada — Jessica Bataille
Casa Cascada — Jessica Bataille
there are three white steps in the room
Les nouveaux bétons cirés
a bedroom with two beds and wooden beams on the ceiling, along with white walls
Sol brut béton ciré et imitation béton