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a close up view of some wood and glass
Leibal — Véder
Leibal — Véder
an empty room with three chairs in front of a counter and large glass partition on the wall
Leibal — Véder
Leibal — Véder
a wooden bench sitting in front of a glass door on top of a hard wood floor
Appartement à Boulogne-Billancourt
a small buddha statue sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a wall with glass panels
Un appart parisien des années 60 actualisé
a man standing in front of a glass door with gold foil on it's side
an open door leading to a bathroom with a bathtub in the background and wooden floors
La Maison Californienne – ambiance architecturale et style de décoration | Pierre Papier Ciseaux
a bedroom with an arched glass door and white walls
Maison d'art Amélie à Paris : une galerie aménagée comme une maison
four different views of the inside of a house
an open glass door in the middle of a room with a rug on the floor
Maßgefertigte Stahltüren | Akzent Lofttüren
a mirror with some hats hanging from it's sides in a room that has white tiles on the walls
Un appartement d'esprit haussmanien mixant inspirations retro et californiennes - architecte intérieur Marseille & Paris
an empty room with large windows and counter tops in the center, along with wooden cabinets on both sides
Beta.Ø, David Zarzoso · U.Ø house