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New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Photo : G-Design has been designing custom websites and helping clients build a successful online presence for 15 years. http://g-design.net/en How Can I help you ?
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G-Design Blog : Web Design & Development
G-Design has launched the new travel website America2day. This responsive website with a custom admin panel was developed using the Laravel framework.
the login page for an email account
Manage bigger projects with Kirby Project Hub
Although Kirby Project Hub is built with smaller freelance projects in mind, it is flexible enough to be used as a project management solution for bigger projects.
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Agence web à Paris - création de sites internet
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Kirby Project Hub : a client area for freelancers
the sample project page is displayed on an iphone and tablet device, which are connected to each other
a client area for web designers and developers
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G-Design Blog : Web Design & Development
The responsive web agency G-Design has a small device lab to test websites on different devices : Mac Os X, Windows, iOs, Android, Kindle, Windows Phone, BlackBerry,…
a screenshot of the website's dashboard page, with several options to choose which one is right for you
The importance of a fast loading website
Page load time is a major element of the users’ experience and impacts business success.
The impact of responsive web design on your business
Statistics on mobile usage and the impact of responsive web design on e-commerce websites.
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Les dernières nouvelles de votre agence web
Responsive email newsletter
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G-Design : design + development
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G-Design a été contacté pour moderniser ce site Internet à succès. La mise en place d'un nouveau design web ergonomique et responsive permet une consultation plus rapide sur tous les supports. Une section administrative réalisée sur mesure permet la modification du contenu du site à l'aide d'une interface particulièrement intuitive.
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Antibiothéraphie rationnelle en soins primaires
G-Design a réalisé la nouvelle version d'un outil thérapeutique en ligne, plus ergonomique et optimisé pour tous les supports.
the website is displayed on multiple devices, including one phone and another computer screen with an image of sunglasses
Lumiprod : photographie packshot