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the poster for an upcoming event is shown in blue, green and white squares with words that read outlierrs
Outliers Live Event Poster; Hope you guys enjoy my retrospective design inspiration for #FRANKbyOCBC Card Design! Swing with the prints & hues! >>Why do I love triangles so much?
a man with his eyes closed and hair blowing in the wind
The 28th Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival | Yatzer
The 28th Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival | Yatzer
a series of diagrams showing different types of boats in various colors and sizes, with the names
16 posters for an exhibition about Johanne Kolstad, a woman who broke taboos about women in sports. Ski Jumper world record. Valdres Folk Museum in Norway.
a book with the title'i love knitting'written in yellow and black on it
Influencia N°12
Influencia N°12
an open book with many different images on it
Travel Magazine
Magazine layout
an assortment of brochures are stacked on top of each other in different colors
Worlds Fair 2020 Advertisements
Nice design
an open book with a yellow and red thermometer on it's cover
2-in-1 Annual Report & Presenter
2-in-1 Annual Report & Presenter on Behance
a book with an image of a woman covering her face
Sophie Calle | Hacedores de Mundo
Sophie Calle | Hacedores de Mundo
an open book with red and blue trim on the cover, showing information about cameras
Trexia Brochure
Trexia Brochure on Behance