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the letters m and o are black and white, with one letter in the middle
Musée d'Orsay
Musée d'Orsay — Jean Widmer & Bruno Monguzzi (1984); Jean Widmer modified (1986)
the families logo is shown in black and white
80 Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration
A creative logo. I like how the image of families is included in the title.
the logo for queen burgers beef and grill, which has been designed by person
ID and Interior Design: Queen Burger - Logo-Designer.co
the cover of saint didier au - mont d'or, written in white and blue
the letter w is made up of two thin lines, and it appears to be black
New Logo for Stone Way Cafe by Shore — BP&O
Monogram for Stone Way Cafe designed by Shore
the logo for ed's electric is shown on a black background with white letters
Ed's Electric
love this logo... clever indeed!
several different types of web pages are shown in this graphic design tool box, and each page contains information about the website's content
Phonon by Jonas Emmertsen #hifi #ci #webdesign
multiple lines are shown with different colors and shapes
Bookline Visual Identity
four different types of surfboards are shown in the same color and font pattern, each with
the letter q is made up of lines and letters that appear to be connected with each other
The Logo | 2011
The Logo | 2011 by Yossi Belkin, via Behance