The Train, Mind The Gap, Metro Station, The Platform, Between, Le Metro, Attention, La Marche, Voici

Designed in the Porte Dauphine station designed by Hector Guimard

The Paris, Hector Guimard, Entrance, Natural, Art Nouveau, Arch, Concorde, Place, Saint

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Originals, Facades, Search, Research, Searching, Facade

La Pointe, Beauregard, Arrondissement, Noms, Angles, Pointe Shoes, Machinist Square

Baron Haussmann's legacy is evident throughout the Paris we know today. He demolished much of the cramped medieval Paris, and created wide boulevards, tree-lined streets, parks and Paris' uniform architectural style.

Sunset Balconies in Paris, France. This is what buildings all around the city look like - so pretty! This is very similar to what my building apt looked like!