floor and desk lamps. Maybe a modified bersion of this for the base or too of a bookcase

floor and desk lamps. Maybe a modified version of this for the base or top of a bookcase


A bedroom sneak peek (Stylizimo blog)

Industrial House Number DIY                                                                                                                                                      More

Industrial House Numbers Is it time to replace your house number sign? This project is very simple and easy yet brilliant. It is creative and also a more secure sign that can survive a typhoon. (My old house number was destroyed by a strong one two yea

Fire extinguisher flashlight 002

Fire extinguisher of the aluminium, upcycle to become an industrial vintage style accent lamp. Switch on cable.

Une lampe de chevet dun genre spécial. Plus montre une fois de plus le double faisceau t sa beauté. Bien sûr, cet article dans toutes les variantes possibles est également disponible.

A bedside lamp of a special kind. More shows once again the double t-beam its beauty. Of course, also this article in all possible variations is available.