Guillaume Rethore

Guillaume Rethore

Paris / Étudiant en Master 1 d’Économie - Gestion option Management & Nouvelles Technologies
Guillaume Rethore
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Il customise la poussette de son bébé

Industrial Light and Magic research engineer Bhautik Joshi upgraded a standard baby stroller with electroluminescent wire, turning it into a toddler-friendly version of the Tron Light Cycle.

100 ans de Oréo

Oreo Campaign Ad by Draftcb Agency. "Oreo is a part of our History!" This ad is really relevant to a lot of people with the Oreos and pac man! This has great design and grabs your attention!


Dragon Falls are part of the Angel Falls located in Venezuela. This Venezuela watterfals are biggest in the world with height of little above ft. Waterfalls drops from the edge of Auyantepui mountain in the Canaima National Park.