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The decline bench press is an exercise which helps you get the complete chest development. It recruits more of the inner pecs, i. the sternocostal head, which not a lot.

Un entraînement complet en 7 minutes 50 pour débuter le HIIT | http://www.litobox.com/7-minutes-hiit

Débutant en HIIT : un entraînement complet en 7 minutes

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Why Yes, You Can Do This Ab Workouts in Your Hotel Room

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Pectoraux Plus

We just finished a killer chest workout! We finished up doing drop sets of push ups (using different heights on the smith machine).

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Programme de #musculation au poids de corps en 15 séances pour muscler le haut du corps Plus

Programme de #musculation au poids de corps en 15 séances pour muscler le haut du corps Plus

Programme musculation split !

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Ladies, don't think "these exercises are for men" just because a man is drawn on them. These will work for you perfectly fine too!

Whittle Your Middle: 6 Must-Try Ab Routines

Bodyweight Exercises Chart - detailed chart with illustrations showing possible bodyweight exercises for use with a fitness plan or total body workout. Great for weight loss without a gym.

Programme #Crossfit Musculation Prise de Masse pectoraux-bras-dos

Programme Crossfit Dos-Bras-Pectoraux pour une prise de masse

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