Paintings by artist Henrietta Harris

Henrietta Harris

conceptual surrealist macabre emotive disturbing art painting Paintings by Artist Henrietta Harris Published by Maan Ali


Wedding Anniversary Ideas - Anniversary Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzles professionally designed from your own pictures

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Colorful Fruit Fantasy Compositions

Artist Dewey Saunders was associated with the photographer Andre Rucker to create and photograph his latest creation entitled Pineapple Winter.

Nos retratos de “Agemaps”, os rostos de diferentes épocas são costurados…

Fotógrafo ‘costura’ rostos do passado e do presente

contrast, Photgraphy by Bobby Neel Adams. "AgeMaps" Spliced pictures of the same person when they are young and old : Auckland, New Zealand artist Henrietta Harris

Auckland, New Zealand artist Henrietta Harris

New Zealand illustrator Henrietta Harris is a skilled watercolor artist. This series of portraits expresses everyday sensory interference by way of de.

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can we please talk about how awesome emily hoy's mixed media collages are?

"Age Maps" by Bobby Neel Adams.Two photographs of the same person, from different periods of time(child and adult) are spliced together. In ...

Split Portraits Two portraits of the same person taken at two drastically different ages fused together as one to show the “Agemaps” of different people by photographer Bobby Neel Adams.