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Australian Shepherd puppy

OMGoodness, i cant stop getting animals. her name is Yuka and she is a Australian Shepherd puppy. She is sooooo cute i cant even. Don't worry I only intend on getting one more animal, though I cant promise anything


This Ocelot Kitten Met His Best Friend, Blakely the Dog, at the Zoo—Watch Their Adorable Playdate!---My Grandmother had an Ocelot for a while and I have a photo of him in our pool. I am very very against people owning any kind of wild animal as a pet.

Psalm 31:24 Neuertheles, thou herdest the voyce of my prayer, when I cryed vnto the. O loue the Lorde, all ye his saintes, for the Lorde preserueth them that are faythfull, and plenteously rewardeth he the proude doer. Be stronge, he shall stablyshe youre hart, all ye that put your trust in the Lorde. (Blessings in the old English...for you...dear Bertha)

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