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H-hi. I'm Mei. I , obviously h-have wings. Please, don't laugh. Don't hurt me. I've had to much of that. I want a friend.

aisaka taiga angel wings bad id bare shoulders bow bowtie brown eyes brown hair dress kyuri long hair looking at viewer mini wings see-through sitting solo toradora!

This is Vixy. She likes fashion, strawberry, anime and Divergent. Age: 10 ~Adopted!~

(ADOPTED) This is Chieko she loves walking in parks during the winter with her family she is a wise child and she studies daily she has two pets an owl named Athena and a cat named Lilly she watches anime and has learned how to speak basic Japanese.

Sweet Moon by on @deviantART

(ADOPTED) This is Katsume she is very kind unfortunately long ago her parents abandoned her she was found alone in the food court of a mall she is kind so that no one will see her sadness that she hides behind her sparkling eyes.