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Juche Tower, Pyongyang, North Korea. Juche apparently means "self reliance" or something similar.

a monument to the Juche idea. rise to fire 5 euros. at electricity supply is stopped and the monument stands in the darkness.

Rare Images From Inside North Korea That Were Smuggled Across The Border | Buzztache

In Defence Of The Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Re-Unification of Korea Against U. Imperialism And Capitalist Encroachment ✪


The Party Foundation Monument consists of a hammer, a sickle and a writing brush to represent workers, farmers and intellectuals, respectively.

Kuzey Kore'den Bir Kare

55 Staggering Images Of Life Inside North Korea

Beyond Closed Borders | North Korea (photo © David De Vleeschauwer)

Photographer David De Vleeschauwer recently published some photographs from his trip into the highly guarded North Korea.

North Korea - building

One of the tallest buildings in Korea (if not the tallest) is in North Korea! It's also the most grotesque:The World's Largest Ruin? Ryugyong Hotel, The Pyongyang Ghost Tower - an unfinished hotel, looking very atmospheric early in the morning