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Inscribed royal spinel (balas ruby) weighing 249.3 carats. This majestic stone is inscribed with the names of its six imperial owners and has the  distinction of having the second-most number of such inscriptions.

A gift from Safavid Shah Abbas (Iran) to the Mughal emperor Jahangir in India in Inscribed royal spinel or Balas Ruby weighing carats. Inscribed with the names of its six imperial owners.

Detail:  Inscription on an Imperial Mughal spinel necklace. These spinels mainly  originated from the Badakhshan mine, in the 'Pamir' region (on the  frontier between Afghanistan and Tajikistan). This province gave its derived name to spinels, described as 'Balas rubies' for decades.

- An Imperial Mughal spinel necklace with eleven polished baroque spinels for a total weight of carats, during a press.