Josephine Baker, 1928.

Josephine Baker's Life and Career in Photographs

The Great Harlem Renaissance Diva Herself: Josephine Baker,

Doris Eaton - 1920's

ziegfeld girl, Doris Eaton Travis was a Broadway and film performer, dance instructor, and author. She was also the last surviving Ziegfeld girl.

Josephine and friend (1930s)

Harlem Renaissance diva Josephine Baker ~ huge animal lover, civil rights activist and mother of many children adopted from around the world that she loving referred to as her 'rainbow tribe'

Afternoon dress by Jenny - November 1927 - Les Modes (Paris)

Afternoon dress by Jenny - November 1927 - Les Modes (Paris) When I was little I owned a white faux fur muff and matching hat with cherries. Another bit of fashion gone by the wayside.


Vintage Fashion: Caroline Reboux, a Parisian fashion designer famous for her beautiful hats, introduced the "cloche hat" in the