Les différentes tresses nous font tourner la tête, il en existe des tas à reproduire dans ses cheveux. De la tresse africaine, à la tresse cascade, découvrez celles qui embelliront votre chevelure. Pour être au courant des dernières tendances en matière de tresses, suivez notre board.
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There are so many different braids out there — how many can you create? Everyone wants to master the new trendy style before a new one is invented. So, we've broken down every kind of plait (with gorgeous real-girl pictures and tutorials) for hairstyle inspiration. See photos of inside-out braids, dutch braids, milkmaid braids, fishtail braids, waterfall braids, mermaid braids, ladder braids, carousel braids, snake braids, five-strand braids, cornrows, and crown braids.

A Comprehensive Guide to Every Gorgeous Braid From Pinterest

A guide to all things braided, milk. loves this braid dictionary, the perfect visual reference for when you just don't know how to style your fro

How-To: Pull-Through Pony into Fishtail | Modern Salon | Absolutely the next braid I will be teaching myself!

How-To: Pull-Through Pony into Fishtail - Events

Throw the plain old ponytail out the window! (Or maybe just set it aside for a while.) With these 50 French braid tutorials, you'll have a braid for every occasion. #FrenchBraids #Hairstyles

50 Fabulous French Braid Hairstyles to DIY

50 Fabulous French Braid Hairstyles to DIY. we compiled 50 of our favorite French braid hairstyles and a bunch of great variations to get you started.

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