Does small children really need their own room. Maybe we just need our own space. I have so much great memories of sharing rooms with my brother at our summer house. Bunk beds can be cool.

Don’t think that bunk beds are only made for kids’ rooms – even adult bedrooms or guest rooms can look amazing with modern bunk beds designs! Bunk beds are perfect space-saving so…

Chelsea 105 m² / Studio Arthur Casas #bedroom #bed #kids #blackboard #chalkboard #furniture #quarto #marcenaria

As Nova Yorks de Arthur Casas

built-in bed

Love the blue and yellow colors in this room, plus the mini bunk bed is adorable: a great use of space and I don't have to worry about a kid dying from brain trauma.

Beautiful Baby Rooms -- forget the baby - love those lights!

Beautiful Baby Rooms

DIY crocheted lamp shades, Not usually a great lover of knitted etc. lampshades, but these are great!

bunk bed

This is way too minimalist for me, but thisis a good idea for putting 3 kids in one room. Loft bed on top; two beds on bottom. I'd put a nightstand, dresser, or bookshelf between the bottom two beds.