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an image of a painting with animals and flowers on it's roof in the woods
Erich Heinemann / Wichtelhausen / Bild 16 - a photo on Flickriver
Fritz Baumgarten
a painting of a living room with couches, chairs and a horse on the wall
The Wind in the Willows
Flutterby Patch: The Wind in the Willows (Mr. Mole Spring cleaning his home, Mole End), by Inga Moore
an image of children playing in the water with ducks and swans by some trees, grass and flowers
Children's Illustration Artist Profile: Inga Moore
illustration by Inga Moore for The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame
a painting of two people standing in the snow near a door to another person who is looking at them
The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame, adapted and illustrated by Inga Moore, 181 pp, RL 4
Kenneth Grahame's "The Wind in the Willows". Illustrated by Inga Moore
an image of some white birds in the air with people around them and one bird is flying
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3 Illustrations de contes d'Andersen Les par SomeVintagePapers
a painting of a woman holding an umbrella in front of a cityscape with birds flying overhead
THABET - Trang Chủ Nhà Cái Cá Cược Đỉnh Cao 2024
The Wild Swans
there is a painting with swans and princesses on the ground in front of them
The Illustration Cupboard
The Wild Swans -- Gavin Rowe -- Fairytale Illustration
an illustration of a woman surrounded by white swans and the words, let everyone sing
Livre : Les cygnes sauvages - Milk Magazine
a woman standing on top of a hill surrounded by wildflowers and grass with a bird flying over her head
Little G
Charlotte Gastaut -
an illustration of a house on a hill with a gnome's hat in the foreground
Winged, and on the way
barnsburntdownnow: by Rien Poortvliet
a painting of deer in the woods with trees and snow on it's ground
Photo Storage
"Winter Wonderland" by Ralph Hulett
an image of a garden scene with flowers and plants in the foreground, two gnomes on the other side
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Erich Heinemann / Wichtelhausen