Procrastination at its best                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Procrastination at its best

Photoshopper Sees a Sleeping Dog's Pic and Decides to Have Some Fun - The Grumpy Fish

image drole escargot

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Quand un chat a trop vu les X-men... ça donne ça..

On is a wild animal that could kill you in an instant if it wanted to and always causing and running into trouble. The other is wolverine played by Hugh Jackman>>>>Funny caption

Mais grave a tout le monde parlez pas a quelqun qui vien de se reveiller si vous tenez a la vie !!!!!!(si tu le fait c soit que t un ouf dans ta tete soit que tu cherche le caca lol)

When I just woke up and someone starts talking to me I'm like 'Oh, calm down!