She could play a snow maiden. What a hauntingly beautiful face and coloration.

white-lashes: “ psychosomaticist: “ mischiefsmistress: “ malformalady: “ Nastya Kumarova, an albino girl from Russia ” Ahhhhh, so pretty! I thought albinos had red eyes?

I took a picture of a beautiful girl with albinism. #elsa

I took a picture of a beautiful girl with albinism.

Hellen van Meene, Untitled, (St. Petersburg), 2008

Artist Hellen van Meene (Alkmaar, NL, is known for her (mostly) square photographic portraits of girls that are exhibited around the world. Lives & works in Heiloo.

God bless the child.

African albino girl in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Persecution of albino's is not uncommon in Africa. It is widely believed that certain body parts contain magic power. This is not the case in Sierra Leone though, where the image above was taken.

Yulia Taits, designer gráfico e fotógrafa de Israel, decidiu criar um projeto fotográfico para enaltecer a beleza hipnotizante e única de pessoas albinas, pois para a artista, o albinismo tem uma e…

Série fotográfica captura a beleza albina

When photographer Yulia Taits posted her hypnotizing photo series that capture the beauty of Albino people, it inspired us to look further and find more people

albino eye

hannsy I, by dino dinco hannsy I, by dino dinco for surface magazine 1998 white colour color pale art design photography blanc albino eye