What's not to love- grey jersey + topknot + pink ice cream cone + checkered floor tile + priceless expression- kids clothing- kids clothing for girls

Salopette + marinière + sandales = perfect

Montpelier sees absolutely nothing wrong with sporting long sleeves, short pants, and sandals. & not like I& wearing socks and sandals&

Miyazaki Cosplay kawaii Kiki la petite sorcière delivery service cute awesome stunning best anime streaming online manga tv legal gratuit

Cosplay Kiki la petite sorcière / Kiki's Delivery Service

Little girl dressed up as Kiki from Studio Ghibli's Kiki's delivery service. Loved that movie as a kid!

little nugget

agoldthatactuallystays: Stoop kid is just happy to be venturing off the stoop today. what are YOU happy about today? If you can’t come up with anything ask Sirius and he will give you something to smile about.