Conversation Essential Sign Language - whoever things that "sorry" is a conversation essential has some bigger problems! Haha

Conversation Essential Sign Language - I've been wanting to learn American Sign Language since I lost the hearing in my right ear 10 years ago. I am just so bad at learning a new language.

Des jolies photophores pour illuminer vos belles et longues nuit d été Plus

Make cute and easy up-cycled DIY mood lighting from old cans! Great craft inspiration for summer parties and BBQs! After poking holes in the cans, paint them to match patio furniture! Save those tin cans!

sign language emotions | quick reference sheet for emotions or feelings. Auslan.

This chart allows kids to communicate their feelings. If they are shy or unable to speak verbally, this chart call help them express themselves without getting frustrated.

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

origami unicorn 1 - 35 complete diagram I love unicorns, they re the national animal of Scotland.

cigarette, santé, stop, effets néfastes, santé+ , saviez-vous ?

Ce que les fabricants de cigarettes ne veulent pas que vous sachiez

cigarette, santé, stop, effets néfastes, santé+ , saviez-vous ?

Des infos croustillantes, des faits intéressants et des anecdotes dans de nombreux domaines de connaissance (sciences, technologie, biologie, société, etc). Grâce à l'ampoule de notre page, brillez en société !

When you are at the airport, add "?jpg" at the end of any URL to bypass the wifi and have free internet access.