Bishan Public Library by LOOK Architects. Book stack facade with volumes pushed out to provide shading and reading nooks. Expressing the inner purpose of the building to those on the outside.

Bishan Public Library / LOOK Architects

"Urban Cactus", a residential building in Rotterdam by UCX Architects.

Cactus House (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Designed to maximize each apartment's outdoor space and indoor sunlight. - if I HAD to live in an apartment.

Cardinet Quintessence | Périphériques

In order to meet the ambitious requirements in termes of comfort, of performance (low energy consumption building - 50 per year not including produced photovoltaic energy), and of economy, we have imagined a building in an innovative form, use .

Via 31 / Somdoon Architects Ltd

Galería de Via 31 / Somdoon Architects Ltd - 21

Via 31 / Somdoon Architects Ltd - A straw like aluminium exterior adds texture and sun shading relief to this Bangkok apartment

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