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Henri Danzin
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Audi City

Audi City: Digital Car Showroom of The Future ~ The Audi City Store consists of multiple interactive digital walls, controlled by pressure sensor floor plates and large tablet-style devices allowing customers to create a car.

Designfever's Interactive Table let users move 3D-printed models across the screen of their device...

Lexus aims to give it's customers a more interactive informational experience with a tablet app that interacts with physical models of the cars.

X4 - Tecno Shelves in yellow | made.com

The Tecno Shelves in yellow are a great storage option for any room. Made from sturdy steel with extra space between shelves ideal for your taller items.

X1 - Hexag Coffee Table in glass and white | made.com

The Hexag in glass and white by Jochem Faudet is a versatile, compact table that brings an urban edge to any look. With cleverly designed steel legs.

X1 - Hexag Rectangular Coffee Table in walnut and red | made.com

The Hexag rectangular coffee table in walnut and red by Jochem Faudet is a versatile addition that brings an urban edge to any look. With steel legs.

X1 - Kubrick Wing Back Chair in plum purple | made.com

Inspired by the take on a classic eighteenth century design, the Kubrick Wing Back Chair in ochre yellow makes a striking retro statement.

X2 - Ritchie Armchair in anthracite grey with rainbow buttons | made.com

The Ritchie Armchair in anthracite grey is a cute, compact addition to any home in classic Scandi style. Accented with rainbow buttons for a playful touch.

X2 - Designer solid wood dining table by Sean Dix | made.com

A stylish and versatile design, the rectangular Forte dining table in solid walnut is perfect for any living space, seating up to 8 people.

X30 - Onyx Swivel Office Chair in black and bronze | made.com

The Onyx swivel office chair in black and bronze will add sleek style to any modern home office. It's also height adjustable and has castors for versatility.