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a wooden hot tub sitting on top of a cement platform next to trees and grass
a wooden hot tub sitting on top of a patio next to a stone wall and potted plants
the inside of a wooden sauna
Hôtel spa
Réalisation spa bois et habillage en red cedar
the side of a building with wood panels on it's face and bottom part
Gallery of Venture Capital Office Headquarters / Paul Murdoch Architects - 12
an empty room with wooden flooring and walls on both sides, looking into the distance
Gallery of Meditation Pavilion & Garden / GMAA - 7
Gallery of Meditation Pavilion & Garden / GMAA - 7
an indoor swimming pool with wood slats on the walls and flooring around it
Indoor Pools - Wellnessräume
Undeground Spa a photo project from Edmund Sumner :: London based Architectural Photographer
a bowl sink sitting on top of a wooden counter next to a wall mounted mirror
Trendy bathroom shower luxury ceilings ideas
Trendy bathroom shower luxury ceilings ideas #bathroom
the ceiling is covered with wooden slats and lights are on top of each other
LED Ceiling Light Decoration Ideas For Home - Home to Z
a counter top with wooden slats on it
The Slatted Wood Wall Trend: What to Know About Timber Cladding & Tambour Panneling | The Savvy Heart | Interior Design, Décor, and DIY
a room with a plant in the corner and wooden slats on the wall
profile wrapping, profile mouldings, mdf mouldings
dekorform - Decorative battens are used as a feature and if assembled appropriately are the perfect way to provide acoustic absorption. Unlike solid timber which could resonate, these battens are made from MDF. The homogeneous and stable structure of MDF makes it an excellent acoustic material solution.
a wooden door with vertical lines painted on it
Tasseau Bois | Wall'in by WoodUpp
Tasseaux de bois rectiligne - Wall'in
an open door leading into a room with large rocks on the wall and wooden flooring
Top à part que ça sera parfait pour les araignées :-(