cool repurposed doors!

Would make a great laundry room door! Great pantry door for a farm house kitchen. Dishfunctional Designs: New Takes On Old Doors: Salvaged Doors Repurposed

Cool vintage doors

vintage doors mounted on barn door hardware. This could be done in place of the french doors we have in our office. It would really save space and make the room more usable (think external pocket doors).

Cool sliding barn doors.

Sliding Barn Doors to the Pantry

Sliding Barn Doors: Sliding doors work great in the kitchen as pantry doors. They're easy to slide and don't take up floor space when open.

Verrière d'intérieur

Aménager une cuisine : une verrière pour séparer sans cloisonner

the sea door | by eamon gallagher ................................우리의 작은 공간에 이런 문이 있어 언제라도 드나들 수 있다면..어깨에 쌓이는 깊은 피곤이 그리 버겁지 않을텐데....

The Garden and the Sea. "The Sea Door" (Photo by Eamon Gallagher) Broad Haven, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

30 portes si extraordinaires qu'elles semblent ouvrir vers un autre monde

The old wooden door was standing loose along the trail leading to the Seealpsee (which you can see when you look through the door). The door with the mountain range as a backdrop presented a perfect photo-opportunity. By Dominic Walter

cool doors

House Crashing: Style For Miles

Regular old doors hiding a washer/dryer.added salvage finds (iron gates and the handles) and used a chippy paint technique

Amazing Parisian Door!

29 Avenue Rapp in the arrondissement, Paris. Very close to the Eiffel Tower. Built in Art Nouveau masterpiece by Jules Lavirotte. The detailed door was designed by sculptor Jean-Baptiste Larrive with work carried out by others. Photo by W.

See the beauty around you.  A dream IF I could start over and money was not an object

Wrought iron details on an old door. this MUST lead to a secret garden! - the iron work has a Hobbit door feeling.

This orange doorway. | Community Post: 25 Of The Orangey-Ist Orange Things                                                                                                                                                      Plus

25 Of The Orangey-Ist Orange Things If orange is your favorite color, this pin is for you.if orange isn't your favorite color, your wrong!

Irish doorway, Galway Bay, Ireland, Yellow door, window box, brown tabby cat…

Domestic cat Ireland pp Domestic cat in doorway, Galway Bay, Ireland