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an abstract painting with many birds flying around and on top of the image are leaves
Lahoc Oding, Pang Cah - Taiwan
the inside of a building with glass and metal decorations on it's ceiling area
Gorgeous lightning - attention Lille
an orange and yellow background with small fish in the center, on top of a red surface
année du lapin en Chine
three different types of cloths are stacked on top of each other, one is blue and red
Motifs textiles
Impressions sur tissus
yellow and green polka dot fabric
Raili or Juhani Konttinen, Porin puuvilla 1955-1976
a green and white flower pattern on fabric
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Japanese Paper Chiyogami / Papier Chiyogami
an image of some kind of art work
Bouffée de fraternité
Mosaïque San Vital, Ravenne - Italie
a black and white drawing with swirls and flowers in the center on a black background
Rug Design. Joseph Maria Olbrich was an Austrian architect and co-founder of the Vienna Secession.
the stars in the sky are all white on dark blue background, and there is no image to describe
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Constellations de lueur de minuit - lueur dans la collection de nouveautés foncé - Timeless Treasures - Fat Quarter, Cour de la moitié ou plus
an intricately designed wall with the words compo entres written on it
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Louis H. Sullivan building detail
a blue and white tile pattern on the wall
Vintage azulejos, traditional Portuguese tiles Stock Photo by javarman
Azulejos, carreaux de céramique portugais
pink and orange flowers are on a bright pink background
La vie côté Green - Little Léonie - Handmade & Jolies Choses
a pink background with yellow circles on it
Georgiana Paraschiv's Store | Society6
two people standing next to each other in front of a wall
trends in fashion - America . Asia . Europe
Japanese artist and major figure of the sound and visual electronic scene Ryoji Ikeda Ikeda explores the interference between reality and unexplored dimensions. From his correspondence with the American mathematician Benedict Gross, he has conceived a work where the definition of the sublime blends with the immateriality of infinity.
a man sitting on top of a yoga mat in front of a black and white wall
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Motoi Yamamoto, labyrinth of salt / Labyrinthe de sel
a blue background with pink and yellow cartoon animals on it's sides, one is staring at the viewer
Elise Gravel, Monster pattern / Elise Gravel, Monstres en série
a painting of pink flowers and green leaves on a black background, with an insect in the center
Hyper realistic botanical set.
Elena Belokrinitski - Hyper realistic botanical set
a red and white rug with an abstract design
Ming Fret / Cerise /// Traditional Chinese fretwork designs inspired this mazelike pattern. A raised, textured weave of cotton yarns contrast with a linen and cotton ground in shades of Cerise, Noir and Flax. A soft, tumbled finish enhances the fabric's heavy, rich weight.
the curtain is open and hanging on the wall
Lumberman's Sashiko Japan Edo Period 1780 indigo dyed hemp and cotton 2
Lumberman's Sashiko, Japan Edo period 1780, indigo dyed hemp and cotton / Kimono indigo japonais, broderie période Edo 1780
a blue rug with white flowers and green leaves on the bottom, in front of a black background
Sphinx Caspian 8327L Blue / Green Area Rugs
colorful circles are arranged on the wall
the scales of an animal's skin are all different colors and patterns on it
Fish scales / Ecailles
an elaborately designed piece of cloth with flowers on it
Broderie chinoise
an array of different colored glass plates on display
Creative Juices
Bacteria in Petri dishes / Bactéries dans des boites de Pétri
a man with many tattoos on his arms and chest is posing for the camera in front of a black background
Tattoos, Photography, and Geometric Tattoos image inspiration on Designspiration
Nazareno Tubaro
a red and white fabric with flowers on it
Thomas de Keyser, Portrait d'Elizabeth Van der Aa, 1628 Paintings, Valentine's Day, 17th Century, Historical Costume, Detail Art, Handarbeit, Crown
Thomas de Keyser, Portrait d'Elizabeth Van der Aa, 1628