Étoiles 5 origami pointue de façade

Fold it into a pentagon the origami way- then most of the folding is already done. But still fun. 5 pointed origami star Christmas ornaments - step by step instructions

Idée fourre-tout pour levier de vitesse:

This month I let my sister Beka pick the 3 projects from our Un-Tutorial board that YOU get to vote on. Just kidding.

DIY ramas con pompones de colores

I love making my own Christmas decorations, here I show you how you can upcycle some old feather shuttlecocks into some fantastic Shuttlecock Angel wings.

Sac à tarte {tuto} - DIY How to sew a bag to hang your pie ? Couture - Pure Loisirs

Sac à tarte {tuto} - DIY How to sew a bag to hang your pie ?

Un calendrier d’anniversaire ! | La petite vie d'Aiyena

Family Birthday Calendar-i like this so I won't have to fill my pre-made calender with these on top of every other reminder I have a month lol - Home Decorating DIY