does this count as typograpghy?? Or do all letters/words count

Engagement Photo idea - one of my fav scrabble letter engagement/wedding pics Props are always a hit!

A building alphabet

Alphatecture brilliantly executed by Peter Defty. He is a professional photographer based near Leeds, in the UK, and takes these photos all over the world. They remind you to look up once and a while. maybeitsgreat: ALPHATECTURE by Peter Defty, UK

revolution (love)

Love the symbolism that love is backwards and love that love is a part of revolution. It may be cliche by now but it is still a simple truth, love is a revolution.

I love you

- Through a Glass Darkly - "I edged a little closer to the mirror, wanting to mimic him. Communicating through our breath? I hadn’t even decided if he was real yet.


Photography project from photographer Dominic Episcopo, "Meat America" uses raw meat as material, to redefine American culture through its icons.