Pelican Heron and Crane Archival Print par unitedthread sur Etsy, $20.00. Par Michelle Morin

Pelican, Heron, and Crane - Archival Print

Growling wolf

A drawing in graphite of a wolf snarling. I used this reference: [link] Wolf Snarl

Jamais un dragon des eaux sera déçu que quelques petites créatures velues ne se baignent dans ses lieux

Touching Souls by Golphee. A peaceful blue dragon & an otter in the water are nose to nose.

Alors là !!!!! J'en reste coit , j'en reste assis.Bonjour. ..

EDIT: Yup, it's a green-cheek conure. Based off my derpy bird. Still --I think it'll take some getting used to, esp with the hotk. Day First test drawing on a cintiq

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