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LA BOUGIE NEW-YORKAISE 100% VÉGÉTALE Suite aux nombreux voyages de la créatrice japonaise Junko, découvrez une explosion de senteurs plus originales les unes…
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two candles and a vase sitting next to each other on a white cloth covered table
a white candle sitting on top of a table next to some flowers and other items
many different types of candles are on the shelf
a hand holding a jar of homemade cinnamon cocoa in front of wreaths on the wall
some candles are sitting on a table
a jar of flower shop candle next to flowers
a candle, sunglasses and hat sitting on top of a book next to a straw hat
an assortment of food and drinks on a table with wine glasses, crackers, grapefruit
a candle sitting on top of a counter next to a white plate with green leaves
a person is sitting at a table with some food and drinks on it, including a muffin
a candle sitting on top of a bed next to sea shells
a white vase with lavender flowers and a candle on a table next to a box of soap
a wooden door with an old fashioned bottle hanging from it's side and some flowers in front of it
a wooden table topped with two bottles filled with reeds and some balls on top of it