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an office chair with wooden legs and grey fabric upholstered seat, viewed from the front
Inspiration du bien-être chez soi.
Team 7 nouveautés 2015 : Inspiration du bien-être chez soi.
a dinning room with green velvet booths and round tables
Familles et intérieurs inspirants
Salle Restaurant La Forêt Noire
several mirrors are placed in the middle of a circle on top of a tree trunk
Gaelle Villedary | Artiste |
Gaelle Villedary | Artiste plasticienne | Alice au Pays de Verneil
the diagram shows how to make a table with four different sizes and shapes, as well as
Размеры обеденных столов
This pin is good because it shows how i would design a table and add additional chairs to it, including the extra measurements that would be required.
several tall wooden poles in front of a white brick wall with lights on each pole
LIFE ON SUNDAYS - Ione Thorkelsson Arboreal Fragments  Cast glass,...
Ione ThorkelssonArboreal Fragments Cast glass, found wood. H 8 ft.
the ceiling is made up of balloons and white walls with pink door in between them
Gallery of Wheat Youth Arts Hotel / X+Living - 3
Gallery of Wheat Youth Arts Hotel / X+Living - 3
three metal frames with trees in them on a white surface and one is hanging from the wall
29 tops idées boisées pour une décoration branchée !
branch art. @ DIY Home Design
three tall wooden poles with lights hanging from them in a room filled with wood flooring
Ione Thorkelsson ‘Arboreal fragments’ (2004) - cast glass, found wood, lights National Gallery of Canada.
an artistic glass sculpture with trees in the middle and one tree on the other side
Steuben Glass Peter Drobny Aspen Glade
an empty room with columns and lights in it
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Cerith Wyn Evans - Installation at Bergen Kunsthall, 2011
a room filled with lots of tall wooden poles next to a white brick wall and floor
'Arboreal fragments' (2004) - cast glass, found wood, lights 240cm ht Ione Thorkelsson Photo: Robert Barnett
an oval wooden table with four legs
Mobilier pour la restauration et l'hôtellerie - QUISO
ILOK System design Patrick Sarran - QUISO
several pieces of wood stacked on top of each other
Garrison - Brent Comber
a woman standing in front of a wall sculpture
» Anderson Walk
a very tall wooden structure sitting in the middle of a room with lights on it
a reception area with lights hanging from the ceiling
Charlie - Brent Comber Originals
the wood has been cut into pieces and is very rough to see if it's real
the texture of an old wall is covered in ice
Yakisugi House
yakisugi house bränt ceder trä
two people and a dog are sitting on benches outside the door of a building with wood paneling
This Cafe In San Francisco Has An Interior Covered In Scorched Wood
a piece of wood sitting on top of a cement floor
Shou sugi ban- Devised as a way to make wood less susceptible to fire and to keep away insects and rot, this longstanding Japanese method involves torching your building materials
close up view of the wood grains on this wooden flooring project, which has been
Shou Sugi Ban
KURUMI shou sugi ban
four different views of the inside of a building with windows and metal bars on each side
The Great Ideaz
Japanese technique of preserving, antiquing wood
a modern living room with black walls and wood flooring on the wall, along with a fireplace
Zwarthout deliverd the shou-sugi-ban for Kal-Fire. an interior use.
an elephant's eye is seen through the bark
Une extension en bois brûlé dans un secteur protégé du Morbihan
Le traitement du bois par le feu, malgré les idées reçues, ne salit pas et prolonge la vie du bardage. "Le bois, lorsqu'il est brûlé s'appar...
the fireplace is built into the side of a wooden wall and has several small rocks in it
Exposition Cheminées Ewald Bosgoed
Showroom Zwarthout
an open door with the light shining in it's center and side panels on both sides
Extension bois par Niney et Marca architectes à Ambon (56), France | Construire Tendance
façade bois brûlé - extension bois brûlé par Niney et Marca architectes - Ambon, France - Photo Thibault Montamat