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Embark on a thrilling journey to discover the mysterious world of alien creatures. Uncover mind-blowing facts and awe-inspiring images of these extraterrestrial beings.
ArtStation - Crash Bandicoot 4 - Alien Menagerie, Nicholas Kole Cute Alien Creatures, Alien Animals Concept Art, Fantasy Sea Creatures, Nicholas Kole, Výtvarné Reference, Jellyfish Art, Alien Concept, Fantasy Beasts, Cute Fantasy Creatures

Crash Bandicoot 4 - Alien Menagerie, Nicholas Kole

Now that the art book for Crash Bandicoot 4 is officially out and available, I can share more of my favorite work from the project! One of the assignments I enjoyed the most was to populate the planet of Bermugula with a variety of ambient and gameplay-specific creatures. I went wild looking for ways to answer the different gameplay asks with creature design and had some of the most fun I've had designing :)

ArtStation - An Alien Emerges - 'Crawler' Concept , Marcus Whinney Alien Monster Concept Art, Alien Dinosaur, Alien Monster, Kaiju Design, Monster Artwork, Alien Artwork, Beast Creature, Cool Dragons, Science Fiction Illustration

An Alien Emerges - 'Crawler' Concept , Marcus Whinney

👉🛒 - Online Stores Links - 🛒👈 👉 👉 Artstation Marketplace Link: 👉👉 Flipped Normals Link: 👉👉 Gumroad Link: ---------------------------- Created in my spare time using Zbrush, Keyshot and Photoshop. Total time: ZBrush: 3 Hours 41 Minutes Keyshot: 25 Minutes Photoshop: 36 Minutes Follow me on YouTube and Instagram for future projects. YouTube: @MLWCreative…

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