Discover how to incorporate the ampersand symbol in your design projects for a unique and stylish touch. Get inspired by top ideas and elevate your creativity.
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Whats your dream character? Small and curvy? Tall and strong? Whatever your type, you’ll see the most attractive glyphs in this typographic beauty contest. The ampersand is every typography addict’s favourite ligature, but which font has the best? I searched the world’s font foundries to create a showcase of the most beautiful ampersands, find the […]

LoveAndOliveOil | Lindsay Landis
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Ampersands are my secret weapon. I’m always excited when a client comes to me with a business name and the word “and” is included, the ampersand possibilities are endless. There are so many unique variations of the ampersand creating an artistic style of its own. Here are just a few of my favorites. […]