Animal science

Explore the fascinating world of animal science and uncover amazing facts and discoveries. Learn how animals behave, adapt, and interact with their environments to survive and thrive.
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Asian elephants are on the rise to becoming endangered, due to habitat loss, poaching and increased tourism. And while awareness about elephant riding camps has spread over the years, some tourists simply have no idea that it’s harmful or that there’s a better alternative. This is why I did my resea

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Investigate how fish breathe underwater by simulating a gill using Koolaid and a coffee filter in this easy science experiment. This is a fun classroom science activity for kids learning about ocean animals, animal adaptations, water habitats, and ecosystems in 2nd grade science.

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Our first science unit this year is Growth and Change in Animals, and we spent part of this time learning all about animal adaptations. Adaptations can be physiological, structural or behavioural. The boys really enjoyed studying some of the cool ways that different animals have adapted to survive in their environment, from glowing eyes, to star-shaped noses, poisonous skin and iron teeth! We spent time doing plenty of fun experiments to see first hand how some of these adaptations help…

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