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Transform your space with unique aviation furniture pieces that capture the essence of flight. Explore top ideas to add a touch of aviation charm to your home or office.
Great design From:Tiny Houses   Desk and shelf units - They are attached to the walls with 45mm x 35mm blocks which I have screwed straight into the studs. I then screwed through the back of the desk/shelves with long wood screws into the blocks. The big washers you can see on the desk units are needed so that the small heads of the screws dont pull through the wood, the weight of the fold out parts for the desk is supported only by the hinges. Diy Furniture, Furniture Design, Bedroom Furniture, Office Furniture, Diy Bedroom, Bedroom Desk, Furniture Storage, Furniture Plans, Furniture Details Drawing

Everyone needs a comfortable desk to work at home after office hours. There are rich assortment of desks available in various sizes, designs and materials. You can find both interesting and functional desks that will provide you an effective working space at home. We've gathered a collection of the most practical and original desk designs.

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Custom Desk Made From A Cfm56 Cowling From A Dc8 Vintage Industrial Furniture, Refurbished Furniture, Cool Furniture, Furniture Making, Furniture Design, Aviation Furniture, Aviation Decor, Airplane Decor, Engine Coffee Table

If you're a person who lives to fly, there's a way to bring your home closer to the skies above. Some people and companies are salvaging old military and civilian aircraft parts to create lavish furniture that is probably is the definition of functional art.

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Makers of the finest wooden airplane propellers for decor including the Official Top Gun propellers. Our bespoke handcrafted statement pieces have won us titles among the Best Lifestyle Decor Brands and Top Luxury Product Designers, globally.

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