Get an exclusive glimpse into the backstage world of entertainment. Discover the secrets, stories, and fascinating moments that happen behind the curtains. Join us on a journey behind the scenes!
Matt Humphrey - Curtain Call: A Year Backstage in London Theatre | LensCulture World Theatre, London Theatre, Unsung Hero, Curtain Call, Humphrey, Photo Essay, True Life, Choreography, Backstage

Curtain Call is about the unsung heroes, and the unseen, unknown true life of behind the scenes. Going backstage in over 60 productions over the course of a year in the world theatre capital of London's West End, this project explores the alternative perspective of stagecraft and show business. The backstage area is a hallowed space, and permission to roam around with a camera is tightly controlled. Each show and production has its own rituals, games, rules, characters and unique moments…

Rajha Shakiry