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Explore the incredible filmography of Benedict Cumberbatch and discover the must-watch movies that showcase his exceptional talent. Get ready to be captivated by his mesmerizing performances.
As You Like It (2002) | Our Heritage | Open Air Theatre Hands To Chest Pose, Person Holding Person Reference, Looking Down On Someone Reference, هاري ستايلز, Desen Realist, As You Like It, Couple Poses Reference, Photographie Portrait Inspiration, People Poses

As You Like It (2002) | Our Heritage

Director <a href="/staff/rachel-kavanaugh/VaOyMiAAAPkL2jom">Rachel Kavanaugh</a> returned to the Open Air Theatre once again in 2002 for the production of As You Like It, deemed a production that brought both 'punch and pathos' (Evening Standard). With a cast including <a href="/actors/benedict-cumberbatch/VTeUuyYAACYAQ_9y">Benedict Cumberbatch</a> (Orlando) and <a href="/actors/rebecca-johnson/VYQ8viwAACwAsku0">Rebecca Johnson</a> (Rosalind), the play features one of Shakespeare's most…

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18 Benedict Cumberbatch Sex Scenes To Make Your Day A Little Brighter (& Hotter, Because... Oh. Yeah.) — NSFW

Oscar-nominated actor Benedict Cumberbatch is no stranger to sex scenes: In fact, he's taken on the role of passionate lover in many a film, much to the delight of his Cumberbitches. Even his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the critically acclaimed…

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