Bra storage

Discover creative and practical solutions for storing your bras. Organize your lingerie collection and keep your bras in perfect shape with these top ideas.
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Most people are storing their bras all wrong! Bras should not be folded, which is frustrating because honestly, they fold up so nicely. But it’s not great for them, and so even though not folding bras means they’ll take up more storage space (sigh), it also means they’ll last longer (yay!) If you’re in need of some…

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Let’s face it, organizing bras can be a bit of a challenge, but fear not, because I’ve scoured the web and to bring you some genius storage solutions that will keep your delicates in perfect order. We all know how tricky it can be to keep those sports bras, padded bras, and delicate items in perfect shape, especially when you’re short on space. Check out these brilliant storage solutions that will not only maximize your closet space but also extend the life of your favorite bras. Drawer…