Chinese fruit

Explore a variety of delicious and exotic Chinese fruits that will tantalize your taste buds. Discover the flavors and health benefits of these unique fruits and add them to your culinary adventures.
Chinese Characters Posters (Simplified Characters)

In this poster series, you can find most of the basic Chinese characters classified by number, time, daily necessities etc. By learning words of daily use, learning becomes more interesting and more fun. All the nouns in this series are well illustrated with colorful pictures. One poster consists of 20 characters or words. In the posters, you ll find the Chinese characters or words, the Pinyin (phonetic transcriptions), the illustration of the item as well as the English translation. This…

Suzanne Meledeo
BUDDHA'S HAND FRUIT Exotic, Plants, Bergamot, Medica, Aromas, Exotic Plants, Unusual Plants, Rare Plants, Citrus Bergamot

Fruits are a vital component of any diet. Most fruits have the role of keeping you healthy and enhancing your immunity. I like to refer to them as the candies of nature. Since China has a varying temperature which ranges from tropical to temperate, different fruits grow in different regions of China. South China is ... Read more

Gitti Elsensohn